Marco saw a Brand new World

In Venice, the water than runs through the canals is brown and dark and murky.  The buildings, amazing structures designed by brilliant architects, were designed to bring arts into the hearts and minds of the Venetian citizens.  Beautifully columned buildings, churches and chapels encircle St. Mark’s Square.  The bridges in Venice connect not only land to land but also the people of today to those who lived long ago.  Marco absolutely loved his home and thought it was the most wonderful place!

But…This new place sparkled! It was almost too bright to look at!

The water was a deep, deep blue and it was clear — clear almost to the bottom! It was so blue that Marco had trouble seeing the line that separated the water and the blue, blue sky. And there were beaches!  Beautiful white sands cradled rocks — and lots and lots of people!  They were swimming, laughing, and jumping into that beautiful blue, blue water.